Beaches and Sunsets

Aloha! Just some photos from this weekend… The license plates in Hawaii have rainbows on them : ) We saw more beautiful sunsets, spent time on the beach and in the water, and ate at the Aloha Mixed Plate which serves traditional Hawaiian food.

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The New Place

Our new place is walking distance to restaurants and friends houses.  It is small with no AC, but seems to fit Ems and me well.  This is the living room/kitchen table.

This is the kitchen.

My bedroom

Ems bedroom

Apple Iced Tea


The only picture frame I brought with me.

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Sunset 6/1/11

Last night we watched the sunset from Kaanapali Beach and saw our first Maui marriage. Notice the ends of a rainbow on either side of the sun : )

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The First 48

Things we have accomplished in the First 48.

-found a place to live

-went on a boat

-got sunburned

-living without Dunkin for Emily

-been told we looked 18 (many times)…score

-got motorcycle burn

These are the pics from the day on the catamaran with Dave’s friends.

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Lahaina: 1st Day

Awake at 4am Atlanta time…excitement, jet lag, whatever the reason we were exploring Lahaina at 6am. Lahaina is a small historic whaling town. 

Dave’s house

In the middle of Lahaina there is a tree called the Banyon Tree.  This picture looks like a lot of trees, but in fact it is one tree with limbs that have rooted back into the ground.  They have markets here every weekend.

The beaches in town are very small.  Offshore, we could see other islands.

View from a restaurant.

Dave’s bike

What happens when you accidentally burn your leg on the motorcycle pipe

Sunset at Lahaina

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Aloha! We’ve arrived in Maui! Our awesome friend, David Fincher greeted us at the airport with beautiful leis made from fresh flowers. We drove from Kahului to Lahaina and saw some spectacular spots along the way.

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Arrived in Phoenix on Friday May 27th. Spent an amazing weekend with my beautiful sister, Laura. We all conquered Camelback Mountain (the strenuous side, I might add) by 8am on Saturday. Had the most interesting time with Laura’s welcoming friends at the W Hotel. I’ve never seen so much hair gel and tattoos! Thank you, Laura for such an amazing weekend of fun. You spoiled us rotten!

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